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The BigK backpack fantasy is 100% tested by our athletes . The trail running backpack is an innovative idea from athletes with years of experience, during 4 months we have been intensive working on a backpack that gives you the opportunity to cary everything super simple and super fast !
The backpack fabrics are having a combination from mesh and ultra light Lycra witch gives an optimal breathing function but also durable , with his 168 grams you will not feel disturbed and running overnight will also not be a problem as the fabric will protect you.

The backpack comes with one big backside pocket, 2 side pockets with on one side a zipper to carry your mobile, nutrition or any other preferred materials.
Adjustable elastics on top to use the poles in a lateral way and adjustable elastics in the back to use the poles on the backside , exclusive 2 options!

The trailrunning vest from BigK has a capacity from 8 liters and can be used in all kind of trail races or trainings .

2 x 500ml flask inclusive!


1. Lightweight 168 Grams
2. 2 options to carry poles
3. Big space on the backside
4. 2 side pocket
5. Adjustable with elastics



    Windproof ultralight and breathable fabric resist liquid water passing through, but allow water vapour to pass through. The ability to block out rain for a short time is very powerfull. A cilicon coating will keep you dry because the water fall down in the blink of an eye. 


    Soft ultra light lycra fabric with an aerodinamic function


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