About Us

"Technology without Innovation Design is Valueless"

BigK is an innovative sports brand which was born to change life style!
Currently standard for sport is always focus on the performance but we focus more on how to Improve your capacity and looking nicer.

Products from BigK are handmade indoor, this independence allows us to evolve the range to give the solutions from the user requirement which is an advantage from his competitors.

You probably have noted the design and technology are the key points of our work all in a constant concern for flawless quality.
This Indoor production built the standard and allowed us to master the time and the suppliers to always give solutions for the users. In fact, We are like a laboratory for you.

All products have been tested in the toughest conditions and most technical sports. A bunch of professional and passionate athletes are our best research to optimize each single product.

All what we do is not only caring about the Performance but Also a better Feeling
“Beat The Shadow”