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Calf support

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The BigK running calf support UT2 is is designed to provide support and compression to the calf muscles. It is typically worn around the lower leg, from just below the knee to just above the ankle.

UT2 calf supports are commonly used by BigK athletes, and people who engage in physical activity that puts a lot of stress on the calf muscles. They can help to reduce muscle fatigue, prevent injury, and aid in recovery from muscle strains or injuries.

The Bigk Calf supports are typically made from a stretchy fabric that provides a snug fit around the calf muscles. They may also feature adjustable straps or bands that allow the user to customize the level of compression and support.

Our UT2 calf supports special include features,like laser cut and such as heat protection fabrics to further aid in recovery and pain relief.



Lightweight powerful fabric reduces muscle movement and damage whilst compression boosts blood flow to muscles, improving performance, lowering risk of injury and speeding up recovery.
High quality, durable, moisture-wicking yarns outlast the competition and keep the skin cool and dry.



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