Maratón Alpino Madrileño With BigK runners Enric Gomez and Ionel Cristian Manole on the start line

Maratón Alpino Madrileño With BigK runners Enric Gomez and Ionel Cristian Manole on the start line

Maratón Alpino Madrileño, a challenging mountain marathon in Madrid, Spain, is set to welcome BigK runners Enric Gomez and Ionel Cristian Manole to the start line. This prestigious event attracts athletes from high national level and Gomez and Manole are no exception.

Who are Enric Gomez and Ionel Cristian Manole?

Enric Gomez (right) is a seasoned trail runner known for his speed and endurance on rugged mountain terrain. The sport influencer with a fulltime job has a high potential to reach a top 5 place. Being a father of two and his high posisioned manager function did not always allow him to prepare the race. This time Enric told us to be very motivated and , while preparing the OCC race in Chamonix the Maratón Alpino Madrileño is a big test for him.  With multiple podium finishes in ultra-marathons, Gomez is a force to be reckoned with in the trail running community. Ionel Cristian Manole, ( El bombero) on the other hand, is a rising star with an incredible season so far. He was third at the Transgrancanaria , 5th at the Trans vulcania and one week ago he repeated same result at the the Swiss canyon trail.

What makes Maratón Alpino Madrileño special?

Maratón Alpino Madrileño is not your average marathon. The course winds through the stunning Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, offering breathtaking views and challenging elevation gains. Runners must navigate rocky trails, steep climbs, and technical descents, making it a true test of skill and endurance. Here you find the event website

Why are Gomez and Manole competing in this event?

For elite runners like Gomez and Manole, Maratón Alpino Madrileño presents an opportunity to showcase their talents on a National stage. The competition is fierce, with top athletes from Spain and around  vying for the coveted title. By participating in this prestigious event, Gomez and Manole hope to test their limits and push themselves to new heights because the Mecca of trailrunning is coming soon.

As the countdown to the race begins, all eyes will be on Enric Gomez and Ionel Cristian Manole as they toe the start line at Maratón Alpino Madrileño. Will they rise to the challenge and conquer the mountains, or will the rugged terrain prove too much for even these elite athletes? Only time will tell.

Here you can follow the race 

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