Tiago Vieira Set A New Race Record At Restonica Trail By Utmb

Tiagi Vieira

Tiago Vieira recently made headlines in the trail running community by setting a new race record at the prestigious Restonica Trail By UTMB. The BigK athlete and his outstanding performance has solidified his position as a top contender in the sport.

Restonica Trail Tiago Vieira

The Path to Success

Tiago Vieira has once again proven himself as a dominant force in the world of competitive racing. In the latest event, Tiago Vieira achieved remarkable results that solidify his position as a top athlete in the Trail running sport 

Race Time

With a phenomenal race time of 01:13:21, Tiago Vieira showcased his exceptional speed and endurance, setting a new Race record 


With a difference of 00:00:27 from the first-place finisher, Tiago Vieira's precision and consistency were on full display, highlighting his unwavering focus and commitment to excellence.

Distance / Elevation Gain

Over the challenging course of 17.8 KM with an elevation gain of 664 M+, Tiago Vieira conquered every obstacle with skill and determination, proving his strength and endurance.

Average Speed

Maintaining an impressive average speed of 14.5 KM/H throughout the race, Tiago Vieira showcased his ability to sustain peak performance and push the limits of his capabilities.


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