Ionel Cristian Manole 5th at the Transvulcania long distance

Ionel Cristian Manole BigK

Have you ever witnessed a moment so thrilling that it left you on the edge of your seat? Well, that's exactly what happened when our protagonist decided an amazing last km who brought him on the top 5 in general classification of the Transvulcania 

Ionel Cristian Manole has been making waves in the trail running world this season, and his recent 5th place finish at the prestigious Transvulcania race is further proof of his talent and determination. After an impressive 3rd place finish at the Transgrancanaria earlier in the year, Manole is showing that he is a force to be reckoned with on the trails.

With his strong performances at the Transgrancanaria and Transvulcania, Manole has firmly established himself as a top contender in the trail running world. As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see how he continues to challenge himself and push the limits of his abilities. One thing is for certain - Ionel Cristian Manole is a name to watch in 

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